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Thinking To Downsize? Here Are 3 Things You Need To Consider.

One of the results of the recession is that people have been downsizing  into smaller homes and condos. This frees them up from having to pay high utility bills and from taking care of their yards, gutters, driveways, and sidewalks. But, before you take the plunge of moving into a condo, there are a few things to consider.  From hiring the right San Diego movers to preparing your budgets and lifestyle changes, it’s important to align yourself with what’s to come.

Fees and Assessments

Most condo complexes have a monthly fee that each owner pays. These fees pay for the maintenance of the common areas of the building. They pay for lawn care, snow removal, and other maintenance expenses. Since many people move into condos because they do not want to take care of the exterior of the home, the fee is not a big deal. However, these monthly assessment fees vary and some can exceed $1,000. Most of the fees are based on the size of the condo you live in, so a three-bedroom unit will have a higher fee than a small one-bedroom.

There are often one-time fees that each condo board will assess on the members. These are often for repairs or additions. Since exterior areas and common areas often need to be refurbished, they need to be paid for, so the owners of the units cover those expenses. If you live in a condo and a special assessment is requested, you will have to pay it.

Newer condos do not have as many special assessments because they do not need as much repair as older building. Some special assessments might require a few months to pay and some might last a few years. When you decide to purchase a condo, ask if there are any special assessments that are pending.

Close Quarters with Many Neighbors

Remember that when you move into a condo, you are moving into a smaller space where there are a lot of other people. If you are moving from a big house with a big yard, you might be used to privacy, but in a condo, you do not have as much. Many condo organizations actually plan events so that the residents get to know each other. You may not be able to walk around in your underwear in a condo because of the proximity to your neighbors. You might have to adjust a few of your personal habits.

Rules and Regulations

Despite the close quarters and special fees, there are usually several rules and regulations that exist for condo owners. Many have noise regulations, smoking regulations, and other rules that you are required to live with if you move into the building. Some neighbors will act as watchdogs, reporting every little infraction to the condo boards, which can result in warnings or fines depending on the severity of the infraction. It is important to know what the rules are before you purchase your condo, so you are not surprised with rules and regulations that completely inhibit the way that you prefer to live your life.

Despite these facts of living in a condo, many people still choose to live in one. Being able to spend more time doing what you love, rather than taking care of your yard or shoveling snow is a big draw. Many people also love the fact that they can live in a great location, like a waterfront building, without having to pay the millions of dollars that it costs to live on the waterfront. However, it is very important that potential condo owners look at the fees and rules before they make the change.

10 Tips To Liven Up A Small Bedroom

The look of your bedroom should be handled seriously even if access to it is restricted to you and your family members alone. For your small bedroom, there are certain tips that can help you to make it a good place to be after a stressful day.

These are some of the best tips that can help you:

#1 Paint Room Lighter Colors

One thing you can do to make your small bedroom bigger is to paint walls a brighter color. Some good light colors for a small bedroom include white, light green, yellow, beige, tan or light gray. Also choose light colors that match the theme of the bedroom. For example, if your bedroom has an ocean feel to it, paint the walls a turquoise or powder blue and white.

#2 Get Clutter Out The Room

Another way to make a small bedroom bigger is to remove all unnecessary clutter from the bedroom. If you have three large boxes of keepsakes, take some time to sort through them so you can donate or give away some of them while keeping the rest of the keepsakes in your closet or attic. Purchase a dresser so you can organize clothing and build a closet where you can place the extra clothes.

#3 Only Purchase Furniture You Need

It is important that you measure your bedroom before you buy furniture because you want to make sure that the furniture will be able to adequately fit in the bedroom’s small space. For example, if your bedroom is too small for a king-size bed, consider a futon that also functions as a pull-out bed. Futons make excellent beds for small bedrooms.  Small desks and great bedroom vanities are additional items you should consider that add both style and function.

#4 Hang Mirrors

When you hang one or two mirrors in the small bedroom, it makes the rom appear bigger and it adds sophistication and efficiency to it. Look for long and oval-shaped mirrors because these work the best for these types of home.

#5 Open Windows

Windows that are open during the day can create the effect of a larger bedroom and it is eco-friendly because you will not waste electricity by having the lights on throughout the day.

#6 Use Simple Bedding

You want to avoid bulky bedspreads and an overload of pillows and toys on the top of the bed after you make the bed. Use clean linen sheets  to decorate the bed rather than the comforters.

#7 Don’t Put Carpeting On Floor

If you want your small bedroom to look bigger, avoid the use of heavy and thick carpeting on the floor because this makes your bedroom look even smaller. Instead, you want to have hardwood or tile floors in the bedroom along with a medium-sized area rug.

#8 Avoid Dark Colors

Dark colors only add to the look of a smaller bedroom and it makes the bedroom look small. You want to use primarily light colors when looking for accessories for the bedroom.

#9 Use Curtains

Curtains add more space to the small bedroom and if you are not into curtains, some bamboo blinds are a good choice.

#10 Clean Room Twice AWeek

Small bedrooms often accumulate clutter quickly so periodically you should give athe bedroom so that the bedroom will look larger.

Buying Real Estate? House VS Condo.

In most cases, there are advantages and disadvantages in buying a condominium unit or a traditional single detached-house, and these factors could determine what to buy. When deciding on whether to buy a condo or a house, it is important to think about your daily lifestyle and your budget. If you do not have a spouse or children, a condo would be a good choice, and you should also keep in mind that there may not be a lot of space in the condo and if you bring a lot of furniture and items, the condo would get too cluttered. On the other hand, if you have a few children and each of them needs own room or of you want a place away from downtown, a single or multi-family home.

Who Would Benefit from Condo Living?

Aside from single persons, retirees who are looking to live independently in their later years and build new friendships would like condo living. College graduates who have just received their first jobs will enjoy the condo because they want a home that is close to the city and near amenities such as shopping malls, nightclubs and restaurants. Flight attendants who travel frequently due to their jobs would like condo living. Young married couples who do not yet have children may choose to live in the condo.

Benefits of Traditional Homes

One benefit of living in a traditional home is that you will have peace and quiet away from the city area and you ate able to maintain and repair the home as the need arises unlike in a condo, where you would still pay maintenance fees to the condo association. Another benefit of living in a traditional home is that you have a greater freedom to make various repairs to the home without violating certain rules, unlike condo living. If you want your home to serve as a rental property, you can rent out one side of your house to tenants and earn extra income this way. You can also do more entertaining in a traditional home.

How About Utilities?

If you decide to live in a condo, your utilities and outdoor maintenance costs and this help you to save some dollars. However, if you purchase a single-family home, you will be responsible for the mortgage, maintenance and utilities. If you want property that will save you money on utilities and maintenance fees, a condo is a better choice.

Noise and Other Commotion

If you want to live in an area that is free from excessive noise, crime and other commotion that is involved in city life, a single-family home is the best choice for you because you are able to get away from the commotion of city life.

The Final Word

When deciding on whether to get a home or condo, you should think about your budget and the type of lifestyle you are interested in. You should also think about the needs of your spouse and children. If your job is in the city and you want to reduce commuting time, you want to factor this in your decision.